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Era-Net ANIHWA - Animal Health and Welfare

ANIHWA Work package 5

Sustainibility including funding structures and Policy development

Workpackage 5 objectives

  • Develop a stand-alone sustainable structure (the SCAR Collaborative Working Group or other newly set ad hoc European structure) to take forward the procedures developed in EMIDA and ANIHWA for the coordination of research on animal health and welfare, meeting the needs of the various public funding bodies, civil society and the livestock industry.
  • Facilitate knowledge transfer, through the dissemination of information on animal health and welfare arising out of projects funded through EMIDA and ANIHWA, and to monitor the impact of the joint activities and its research outputs.
Work package 5 leaders

Beneficiary 5 (DEFRA - United Kingdom) leads the work Package with the assistance of beneficiary 10 (ANR - France) as WP deputy-Leader.