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Era-Net ANIHWA - Animal Health and Welfare

ANIHWA Work package 3

Gap analysis and research framework development in animal health and welfare

The work package 3 (WP3) constitutes, in close cooperation with the other Work Packages, the strategic part of the ANIHWA ERA-Net.

The objective is, on the basis of a gap analysis, to produce a trans-national joint research framework, enabling to transform the research project data mapping from WP2 to recommendations for priorities for calls to be implemented in WP4.

The task is to process research mapping into research priorities with a clearly European added value, through identification of major research needs, pooling of resources, coordination and overcoming of fragmentation. Some of this work has already been done by other EU-related organizations such as EFSA, EMIDA, SCAR-CWG, ETPGAH, DISCONTOOLS and national mirror groups.

To the benefit of this project several beneficiaries are involved in the above-mentioned activities including the newly funded project STAR-IDAZ on global animal health.

In addition, the development of a trans-national joint research framework should contribute to the implementation of the European Research Area, i.e. an internal market for research and researchers without barriers. The aim is to integrate the ERA dimension into the research agenda.
Altogether WP3 seeks to develop a joint research framework which distinguishes  itself by integration of already existing or planned initiatives from the Commission to make the ERA-Net fit to contribute to other instruments, e.g. in the "Innovation Union" agenda, the sustainability agenda or to research priorities in the next Framework  programme.

Work package 3 leaders

Beneficiary 3 (DASTI - Denmark) leads the work package with the assistance of beneficiary 23 (MiPAAF - Italy) as WP deputy-Leader.