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Era-Net ANIHWA - Animal Health and Welfare

ANIHWA work package 2

Mapping and analysis of existing national research infrastructures and programmes

Wok package 2 objectives

  •  Identify common research requirements, emerging and perceived needs, both in animal health and welfare, among the participants, in order to underpin common research agendas, to update the basic data resources on research developed by EMIDA (managed by DEFRA and INRA), to enrich these resources with common questions already identified in animal welfare research and to set up a sound basis for long-term cooperation at EU and international level.
  • Update and enhance the usability of the EMIDA publication database with regards to animal health and animal welfare in all the European countries.
  • Evaluate and analyze current research in animal welfare and to increase exchange of information through the establishment of a common open web based animal welfare archive (AWA’) for the mapping of running research programs, funds and capacities at least in all the consortium member state and AC.
  • Identify new research requirements, included in the Member State proposals for the new Animal Health and Welfare policy (foreseen for 2012) in order to list them for work package 3 thus facilitating the alignment of the ANIHWA calls towards transnational research.

Work package 2 leaders

Beneficiary 2 (HM-DVPHNSF - Italy) leads the work package with the assistance of beneficiary 1 (INRA - France) as WP deputy-Leader.