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Era-Net ANIHWA - Animal Health and Welfare

ANIHWA work package 1

Project coordination, management, communication and dissemination

The main objective of work package 1 (WP1) is to provide support to organisation, coordination and management of the ERA-Net and to inform the Commission of progress of the ERA-Net, including the preparation and delivery of financial statements and the submission of technical reports.

It will continue and improve the EMIDA existing management structures and activities and set up new capacities to accommodate for the enlargement of the scope to animal welfare.

WP1 leaders will also be in charge of communication of the aims and progress of the ERA-Net and of the sharing and dissemination of project outputs for the wider benefit of other stakeholders and of the public.Furthermore, they will elaborate and implement a strategy to promote mutual integration of animal health and welfare research communities within the ERA-Net.

Work package 1 leaders

INRA (France) lead the work package with the assistance of beneficiary 6 (ANSES - France) as deputy-Leader and eneficiary 30 (INRA-Transfert - France) in charge of the Project Office.

Schedule of relevant milestones

WP1 - Schedule of relevant milestones